Welcome To Karazee Karaoke!

Karazee Karaoke is the perfect blend of music, comedy, hijinks and shenanigans. Let Karazee Karaoke entertain you in a way that only they know how. Whether it's a party, backyard BBQ, or a night out at the pub, you're sure to have a Karazee Time! Karazee Karaoke uses a state of the art computer system pumped through 800 watts of JBL power. Four wireless microphones lets you and your friends show off those dance moves as well as your vocal prowess. Our database currently contains over 300,000 songs, updated weekly!


The History

Charlie and Sal first met by chance at "Titus Oaks Music" in Huntington back in the early 90's (a fact that they didn't learn until years later when they ended up working together at a Printing company). Charlie was working there as a clerk on the weekends, feeding his love of music and recommending his favorite classics to the snot nosed kids coming in to buy the latest Pearl Jam bootlegs. Enter Sal, a snot nosed 19 year old looking for the latest Pearl Jam bootlegs.

Eventually, in 1997, Charlie and Sal began working together and began frequenting the Hauppauge area bar scene with other co-workers. Resting their hats in several landmarks such as Pomodorino's, Rita's Cafe 111, The Corner Lounge, The Cat's Meow, The Dug Out, Tony E's and Sweetwaters. At times, when drunk enough, ventured into singing Karaoke at Rita's on some very late Friday nights. On occasion you might even catch Charlie doing a version of "Wooly Bully" with the legendary Ricky Roche at Sweetwaters.

In 2003 the duo had learned that the old "Galloways" (Grafton Street Pub) had relocated and the two were eager to check out a new watering hole. Finally, Charlie, Sal and their crew found a new places to unwind after work. After a few months, when drunk enough they would sing Karaoke. Whether it was Charlie & Sal singing "You've Lost That Loving Feeling", or Charlie and Megan singing "In My Life", or Charlie solo singing "Wooly Bully", the bar was entertained by their antics. In November of 2003, instead of hiring a DJ/KJ the duo decided to put together their own Karaoke system for their friend Megan's surprise birthday party.

Graftons owners were entertained by the show they put on and asked if they would work there on Friday nights. A few months later, with a newly developed system on January 3rd, 2004. Karazee Karaoke played it's first gig at Grafton Street Pub. The rest as they say is history. On February 10th, 2005, Charlie and Sal launched Karazee-Karaoke.net. From the beginning the website was ahead of its time offering such social networking staples as photos, audio and forum for all the "Karazees" to commune. Today the site boasts over 80,000 pictures covering the last 7 years of karaoke shows.

Karazee Karaoke has had enormous success playing gigs in locations such as Grafton Street Pub (Hauppauge), Pete's Place (Bohemia), Rockafellas (East Northport), Caramel Lounge (Smithtown), Hazy Moon (Patchogue), Mulcahy's (Hauppauge), Off Key Tikki (Patchogue), Eagle's Pub (Smithtown), Main Street Pub (Kings Park), Hooters (Islandia), Canz (Patchogue), Boulevard's (Nesconeset), and Brownstone Brewing (Ronkonkoma). To date the company has performed over 4000 gigs entertaining thousands of people. Some of those people have become lifelong friends, such as Tommy from Highway Robbery/Penny Lane. At times the duo became a trio and the results were the most entertaining nights.

Charlie had become ill sometime in 2007, but he refused to call it quits. he thrived on entertaining the people and giving them the getaway they needed to forget about their problems, all the while ignoring his. Charlie had no choice but to semi-retire in September 2008. His last appearance was November 26th, 2008 for he ultimately succumbed to his illness in March 2009. There was to be no more Charlie & Sal's Karazee Karaoke, ever. The future was uncertain and at one point the company was about to be up for sale. After attending Charlie's wake and seeing all the people they have entertained, the thought of selling never crossed their minds again. The company would continue, full force and in Charlie's name.

Charlie & Sal's Karazee Karaoke Forever
"Enjoy Every Sandwich"